21 Best Sports Cars with AWD (All-Wheel Drive)

You probably already know the benefits of a car with AWD (All-Wheel Drive). It handles much more smoothly than a two-wheel-drive car and generally makes driving less strenuous. Usually, though, the AWD component is mostly found in sedans and SUV’s. It is now being used in sports cars as well.

If you love sports cars and would prefer to drive one with AWD, well, here are the best sports cars with AWD in the automobile market:

  1. Ford Focus RS

Best Sports Cars with AWD

Though this automobile company is more renowned for its heavier vehicles, it does have some amazing sports cars in its stall. The Ford Focus RS most certainly ranks as one of the best sports cars with AWD.

If you’re looking for a sports car that is both daring and slick, then this is definitely the car for you. With a 350-horsepower engine and a torque value of 350 lb-ft, you are guaranteed to be a daredevil on the road.

Its drift mode also allows you to try incredible sliding stunts that cause an exciting rush of adrenaline to your brain. What makes this car amazing, though, is its surprisingly affordable price, which is rare for a sports car with AWD.

  1. Subaru WRX

This sports car is definitely as resilient as the brand responsible for manufacturing it. Like most Subaru models, the WRX’s visual appeal comes from its rugged look and cozy interior. Its price, which is also one of the lowest among sports cars with AWD, is also a factor you must consider.

  1. Subaru STI

No, STI doesn’t stand for sexually transmitted infection, at least not when used as the suffix of a Subaru sports car model. Like its close variant, the WRX, this beautiful automobile is a blend of aesthetic grandeur and impressive ruggedness. It is also quite affordable and among the cheapest sports cars with AWS.

  1. Volkswagen Golf R

If you want a sports car that is practical and perfectly fits your daily activities, then the Golf R from Volkswagen is the best car for you. Its modest 292-horsepower is quite mild compared to the engine power of other popular sports cars. Likewise is its torque value of 28 lb-ft.

This only confirms that the sleek sporting vehicle is geared towards corporate usage rather than recreational use. It is an ideal car for a working environment if you want to be unique without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

  1. Dodge Challenger GT

If you’re a fan of car chase and car racing movies like the Fast and the Furious franchise then this is the sports car for you. It is perhaps one of the least subtle sports cars you will come across. Its exterior is both visually appealing and rugged, giving you a combined sense of danger and thrill.

With a V6 engine that runs at 305-horsepower, this baby can reach a speed that will cause your entire skin to motion in trepidation and delight.

  1. Audi RS 3

The Audi RS 3 is basically a much slicker version of the Volkswagen Golf R. It’s no surprise that both sports cars share the same platform. Its 400-horsepower engine, however, makes it a much more daring car to own.

With a body that almost resembles a small sedan, you can make use of this vehicle in a corporate setting without looking odd.

  1. Audi TT

Nicknamed the baby supercar due to its small but slick body, this car certainly ranks high among the best sports cars with AWD. It is also one of the few sports cars in this list that has only two doors.

It is one of fastest sports cars out there with the capability of reaching up to 60mph from 0 in less than 3.5 seconds. If speed is the only quality you seek in a sports car then this is the car for you.

  1. Jaguar F-Type

Best Sports Cars with AWD

Looking for a wild ride that is both daring and exhilarating? No other sports car will bring you closer to such thrill than this amazing automobile from Jaguar.

Though it comes with a V6 engine that has a capacity of 380-horsepower, you can easily upgrade the engine to a V8 with 550 or 575-horsepower. This just means more speed for you to enjoy.

  1. Nissan GT-R

When you feast your eyes on the Nissan GT-R or its NISMO variant, it is almost impossible to look elsewhere for a sports car. This amazing automobile is a visual spectacle that is just spellbinding.

Equipped with a 566-horsepower engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission, the Nissan GT-R is one of the high-end sports cars in this list. But once you come to appreciate its features and of course, performance, you will see that it is worth every penny you spend.

  1. Porsche 911

Best Sports Cars with AWD

Did you watch The Dictator movie and wonder if the Porsche 911 that was joked about in that helicopter scene truly exists? Well, take a deep breath because it actually does. And like Sacha Baron confirmed, the Porsche 911 is da best.

This awesome sports car is available in three variant models, which are the Carrera 4, GTS, and 4S. You can also get a Porsche in three common forms, convertible, coupe and targa.

  1. Porsche 911 Turbo

If you want a Porsche with an extra bite for a possible heist job, then the 911 Turbo is probably the only viable option for you to consider.

Some versions of this awesome Porsche model can run on engines with up to 607-horsepower. It is, however, pricey with a 6-figures valuation.

  1. Acura NSX

If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to more popular sports cars that are renowned, then the Acura NSX is most definitely the best option for you. This beauty is equipped with some of the latest technological implementations that will leave you mesmerized.

Operated by a hybrid system, the Acura NSX has an engine with 573-horsepower and is capable of reaching a speed of 191mph.

  1. Audi R8

Another sports car from the stable of the German car manufacturer, the Audi R8 is a powerful machine that is made for a driver that loves speed. Its V10 engine is a rugged beast that operates with about 532-horsepower. If you’re looking for a reliable sports car with AWD, then this baby is certainly one of the best you can get.

  1. Lamborghini Huracan

Best Sports Cars with AWD

There are sports cars and there are supercars, the latter are sports cars that are used as status statements. If you want to become highly revered as a vehicle owner, then purchasing the Lamborghini Huracan is a good place to start.

This beautiful baby, which runs on a V10 powered engine, is a speed machine that has an exotic look. If you want a car that makes you stand out from the rest then this sports car should be at the top of your list.

  1. Lamborghini Aventador

By merely looking at this sports car, you’ll know why it is considered one of the best sports cars with AWD. Equipped with a V12 engine that produces about 691-horsepower, this slick ride basically glides on roads like an alien pod. It is also a beautiful ride to look at.

  1. Ford Raptor

Want a pickup truck that has the basic features of a sports car, then the ford raptor is the best option for you. Its modest 450-horsepower engine has a lot in common with that of the Ford GT, which has led to many referring to this vehicle as a sports truck.

  1. BMW M5

BMW has always been a subtle car brand, and this can be easily noticed when you look at its sports car. The BMW M5 is a high-end vehicle that is quite reliable as a day to day vehicle. Don’t be fooled by the simple exterior of this car, though, as its engine is packing an incredible 600-horsepower. This ensures that you’re always a speed demon on the road.

  1. Bugatti Chiron

A list of the best sports cars with AWD isn’t complete if the Bugatti isn’t on it. Renowned for being one of the most expensive cars in the world, this masterpiece is a joy to look at and also drive. Loaded with a 1,500-horsepower engine, the Bugatti Chiron glides through the road like The Flash on wheels.

So if you have as much as 7 figures lying dormant in your account, this is one amazing sports car you can consider.

  1. Dodge Charger

Like its other dodge variant with AWD, the charger is a visually alluring car with a unique sporty shape. Its V6 engine makes it a bold car to drive on the road and its interior is one of the most convenient among sports cars.

  1. Chrysler 200

This beauty is one of the few sports cars that can be conveniently used for daily trips to work. It has a corporate feel that just isn’t masked by the sporty design of its exterior. This is probably what makes it an ideal sports car for everyday use.

  1. Mercedes-AMG

You can’t have a list about the best sports car with AWD without including a car from one of the most popular automobile companies in the world, Mercedes. This baby is a high-end sports vehicle that costs 6 figures.

It is also a high-performance vehicle that is quite reliable for daily trips. Don’t be fooled by its modest look, the Mercedes-AMG can be a speed demon on the road and is also quite easy to handle.