21 List Sites like Listverse

ListVerse is a blog that uses the list format for all its posts. It is also a blog that pays writers handsomely for creating list posts. The platform has a lot of real and authentic stories for writers to search and browse. It also compensates writers adequately for the content they create. It’s rare to come across platforms like ListVerse, but there are some blogs that are identical and have similar features.

ListVerse has a big community of writers who create all the list posts that are published on the blog. Many top list posts have come from this platform in almost all the niches.

The articles published on Listverse cover a lot of the trending topics found on most blogs. These topics are based on historical events, popular blog posts, entertainment reports, and many more.

Unlike some freelance writing sites that find it so difficult to pay writers, Listverse is recognized as one of the best among the paying sites. It pays writers independently to create list posts of their choice and on just any niche.

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Here are 21  sites like Listverse that actually pay writers to create content, blog posts, reports, news, and awesome list posts:

  1. Factfiend.com

FactFiend is one of the top list sites that publish informative articles and list posts. It pays writers on time and looks more or less like a blog. There are engaging posts on this platform in various niches so you will always find something interesting to read.

  1. Peopleofwalmart.com

If you want to spend your time taking funny pictures of people shopping in Walmart and posting online with some witty description then this blog is perfect for you. It is not exactly like Listverse but the idea is pretty similar.

  1. Postsecret.com

Would you like to join a community of anonymous users where secrets are mailed on a postcard? If your answer is yes then this platform is perfect for you. Probably not what you have in mind when you think about sites identical to Listverse. But concept-wise, it’s still pretty close.

  1. Oddee.com

Like Listverse, Oddee actually contains a series of lists that is both engaging and entertaining. One can browse through several hundreds of topics on this platform and consume them all in a short time. It is definitely one of the most awesome list sites to visit in the online world.

  1. Toptenz.net

TopTenz is a list site that publishes informative articles you can’t find anywhere else. The lists often contain top facts that help to establish the correct notion on a subject.

You can find information on several topics and a variety of subjects. The blog is regularly updated with multiple posts daily.

  1. Top10hq.com

You can get lost for several hours browsing various list articles on top10hq.com. It’s a list site that is devoted to information about the top movies.

  1. Alltop.com

Alltop.com publishes top lists of odd stories as well as informative articles on a weird selection of subjects. Writers often outsource the content they post on the platform to other writers. This presents you with a good opportunity to earn some extra cash.

  1. Thetoptens.com

TheTopTens.com actually publishes informative articles about historical events, popular celebrities, and many more.

  1. Top-10-list.org

This is a list site like Listverse where unique and odd facts are published in a list format. For anyone who is interested in getting a fix of captivating and odd facts online, Top-10-list.org is definitely the site to visit.

  1. Mentalfloss.com

When it comes to passing across valuable information in a funny, simple, and captivating way, this platform is up there with the best.

  1. Listropolis.com

Listropolis has the rights to all the list posts published on its platform. So once a writer receives payment, the lists belong to Listropolis for life.

  1. Listphobia.com

This is another awesome list site like Listverse that adds interesting and odd facts daily for readers to digest freely.

  1. Futilitycloset.com

It’s one of the top list sites that provide interesting and captivating lists. It regularly publishes a top ten list like most other list sites in this article.

  1. Damninteresting.com

This platform has sections dedicated to medical sciences, natural wonders, energy, computing, space, cars, disasters, and many more. It also publishes a lot of interesting facts.

  1. Thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com

This is another list site that has similar features as Listverse. It also has sections for interesting and odd facts like Damninteresting.com.

  1. Todayifoundout.com

This is a similar list site like those mentioned above. It was down sometimes ago, but has now been reactivated.

  1. 1000awesomethings.com

Like the name of this site suggests, you can find 1000 awesome facts and other interesting things to read. It’s quite similar to Listverse with the only difference being the number used.

  1. Whatculture.com

Whatculture.com publishes series of informative articles about culture and movies. Many written pieces are captivating and attention-grabbing on this platform.

  1. Listchallenges.com

When it comes to finding interesting lists on food, books, movies, and travel, Listchallenges.com is the best site to visit. It publishes so many top list posts and also permits its writers to outsource new ones.

  1. Ranker.com

Ranker.com is the right platform for anyone to view the current search engine rankings of popular topics online. It also allows you to rate everything on comics, movies, and women.

  1. List25.com

List25.com features various top 25 lists of so many captivating and interesting topics. The content of the articles ranges from people to history, and many more.