5 Content Mills for International Writers in 2019

One major challenge facing freelance writers who aren’t based in English speaking countries is discrimination by content mills. Most of these content mills insist only on hiring writers from English speaking countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and to an extent, South Africa. It is simply hard to find content mills for international writers.

This hiring policy can be quite unfair to competent writers who reside in countries that do not speak English as their native language. Having spent several years to learn the language and hone their writing skills, these writers are unable to benefit from their expertise simply due to their places of residence.

Nevertheless, the decision of these content mills, though, cruel is understandable. These content mills just assume that writers from non-English speaking countries are incapable of properly writing web content in English. This assertion isn’t helped by the tons of terribly written content that are on the internet, clearly written by writers from third world countries.

Despite these shortfalls that restrict international writers, there are truly renowned freelance writing talents among them. If you belong to this category of freelance writers and are struggling to find content mills that will hire you, then don’t fret.

The list below contains 5 of the best content mills in 2019 that actually hire international writers. Some of the companies on this list are content mills that pay weekly.

  1. iWriter

Obviously, iWriter is one of the most popular content mills out there. It has also established a notorious reputation as a brutal company that short-changes many of the writers working on the platform.

Signing up for an iWriter account is easy-peasy. All you have to do is answer 15 grammatical questions. This is much better than content mills that request a freshly written sample on the spot.

The signup process on iWriter is, however, the only faultless part of the company’s operation. It pretty much goes downhill from here.

The writing rates are terrible and will only appeal to writers that are based in India and Africa. This is probably why iWriter is commonly used by international writers.

The content mill also allows its writers to be treated like trash. The articles they write can be rejected without any just reason and still be used by fraudulent clients.

Despite these shortcomings, iWriter continues to thrive just because most of its writers are international writers that have very few alternatives.

  1. Writers Domain

Writers Domain has a much better reputation, and by content mill standard, is probably the best on the internet for international writers. They hire writers from across the globe, though like typical content mills, they do have a preference for native English speakers.

As long as you’re able to exhibit your writing prowess in your sample article, you should have no problem being hired on the website.

The main challenge you will face with this content mill, however, is the long waiting period before you’re accepted. It can stretch from a couple of weeks to several months.

So when you apply to the website, it’s best you check out other content mills simultaneously so that you don’t become frustrated.

  1. Words of Worth

This content mill has been under the radar as a viable option for international writers. This is because the original site solely caters to writers that are based in the US. Luckily, the content mill now has an international website that can be used by writers based outside of the US.

Before you’re accepted though, you need to prove that you can, in fact, craft quality web content. So the company always demands a sample article of 500 words from each applicant.

You’ll be writing important web content for companies in a variety of industries, so if you aren’t up to the task, you’re advised to stay away from the website.

The only downside to writing for this company is that payment is done once a month unlike most of the other content mills that pay weekly.

  1. Zemandi

If you’re able to move past the weird name, you’ll actually find this content mill a decent option for you. To be honest, this probably shouldn’t be your first option for a content mill. It is a company you turn to when you’re out of freelance writing options.

If you think it can never get worse than iWriter in terms of writing rates, then you should think again because the writing rates of this company are marginally lower. A writer can be paid as low as $6 for an article of about 1000 words. There is probably no native-English speaking writer that will settle for such rates, which is probably why lots of the company’s writers are located internationally, mostly in Asia and Africa.

Another issue with this content mill is the consistent delay in processing payments. Many writers complain of waiting over 3 weeks before their PayPal payments are completed. Not too good if you want to use your funds immediately.

  1. Freelance-Writers

While this content mill doesn’t specifically say that they accept international writers, they do not reject any qualified international writer that applies. As long as you have a PayPal account that will be used to accept payments, you should be good to go.

The payment rate of this company isn’t really great, but it can be a lot worse. When you start with the company, you get paid about $5 for each 500 words article.

This is quite decent when you compare it with the embarrassing rates offered by other content mills. Your writing will, however, be thoroughly scrutinized and you can even be dropped by the company if you fail to meet the desired standard.

The time-frame between the submission of a sample article and your recruitment is another issue with this content mill. You may never be contacted if the quality of your sample isn’t good enough. Most who are eventually contacted probably have to wait for several weeks with many of the writers likely to be practicing their crafts on other freelance writing platforms.


If you’re still unable to find work with these sites, then you can try any of these 31 sites that offer writing jobs online for beginners. Perhaps, you may finally get lucky.