50 Freelance Writing Tips for New and Experienced Freelance Writers

Freelance writing is indeed a lucrative venture that is guaranteed to give you that financial liberation you desperately want. Many freelance writers are comfortably making 5-6 figures per annum and have carved for themselves careers that will meet their financial needs all through their lives. Most of these freelance experts are able to achieve this by adhering to a variety of freelance writing tips.

If you’re about boarding the massively lucrative train of freelance writing or have already started out in the freelance writing field but are still struggling to make an impact, then these 50 freelance writing tips should be quite valuable to you.

50 Freelance Writing Tips

  1. Find a Freelance Writing Platform

As a new member of the freelance writing community, it can be indeed difficult to get regular work simply because you’re still unknown and don’t have the portfolio to back your expertise. There are, however, lots of freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer etc., that help new freelance writers find clients who are willing to give them a chance to prove themselves.

There are also other numerous freelance websites on the internet that can be used to find freelance work.

  1. Be Realistic with Your Quotes

It is okay to aim for the sky as a new freelance writer; you must, however, remember to keep your feet on the ground when revealing your freelance writing rates to clients. Be honest in assessing your ability and try to settle for a rate that is at the lower end of the payment range for your expertise level.

Now, before you flare up and post a counter rant in the comment section, this isn’t an advice to undersell your expertise. Experience matters a lot in the freelance writing field and lots of clients use it to assess prospective candidates. You simply cannot compete with the experienced writing gurus more so when you believe you should earn as much as they do. By temporarily lowering your rates, however, you are increasing your chances of securing your first freelance jobs and of course, getting that valuable experience that improves your dossier.

  1. Stay Away from Writing Mills

In every industry, there is a dark corner filled with unscrupulous and unethical practices. Writing mills can be regarded as the dark side of freelance writing. They are online platforms that offer some of the most inhumane writing rates for a freelance writer. In no universe should a respectable freelance writer, whether new or experienced, earn less than $0.01 per word for an assigned task. Unfortunately, lots of these article-churning writing mills allow clients to offer writers, who are mostly from 3rd world countries, very demeaning rates.

  1. Don’t be Cocky

It is alright to be confident in your ability but as a new freelance writer, it is important that you do not become cocky as this attitude will hamper your growth in the freelance writing field. A freelance writer who is cocky is likely to overrate his or her writing prowess; hence, he or she will fail to learn something new.

  1. Research on How to Improve Your Writing

Good writing skills aren’t inherent and can only be consistently exhibited if you learn and completely understand how they are executed. It is important for a freelance writer to always keep up with the writing trends in the industry and also seek ways to improve his or her craft.

  1. Do Not Forsake a Grammar Checker

No matter your level of expertise as well as your writing prowess, a grammar checker is a must-have tool if you wish to have a successful freelance writing career. Now, while many experts are able to get by without using a grammar checker for their writing process, it really isn’t a risk worth taking especially if you’re used to committing typographical errors. Perhaps one of the best grammar checkers around is the popular online tool, Grammarly.

  1. Don’t be Rude to Clients

It is quite easy to be provoked in the freelance writing industry especially when you encounter clients that are simply difficult to deal with. The best part of being able to work remotely, however, is that it allows you to become calm before responding to annoying messages and requests from such clients.

So when you encounter clients with annoying characters, you should take a chill pill before each response as it will do you a world of good in regards to your ratings. The only exception to this rule is if they are shady people, in which case…screw them.

  1. Have a Writing Schedule

If you want to become a successful freelance writer then you must treat the craft with great professionalism. One of the ways to achieve this is to create a writing schedule for yourself, which ensures that you’re able to fulfil writing obligations and not suffer from burnout.

  1. Be Credible

Credibility is perhaps one of the important qualities of a freelance writer and falling short in this aspect spells doom for your freelance writing career. If there is any one of the 50 freelance writing tips you should hold on to, then this is certainly the one. If you do not have credibility or are unable to show it to prospective clients, you will struggle to find freelance writing jobs.

  1. Exhibit Professionalism

For a freelance writer, professionalism isn’t just an admirable quality to exhibit when dealing with clients but it is also quite rewarding. It is visible proof that confirms the level of your expertise and allows clients to be confident in your ability.

  1. Network with Other Freelance Writers

The freelance writing industry is filled with a massive number of freelance writers, many of whom have been practising the lucrative craft for several decades. Networking with these individuals gives you a chance to plant your feet on the ground and speed up the adaptation phase of the job.

Freelance Writing TIps

  1. Embrace Social Media

Just because you have successfully registered on a freelance website doesn’t mean you should limit your client search to the platform. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide you with the avenue to market your services to millions of prospective clients.

  1. Build a Reputable Portfolio

During the infancy stage of your writing carrier, your primary objective should be to handle tasks that will look good in your portfolio. Don’t focus on the fees you wish to charge rather be inclined towards accepting tasks that will help raise your status.

  1. Ensure Your Rating is Good

Your medium to long-term target on the freelance website you’re registered with should be to maintain a very high rating. Most clients select their ideal freelance writer based on the rating system of the platform as well as the writer’s portfolio. These two criteria are sufficient for anyone that wants to hire a competent freelance writer for a job.

  1. Tell Clients to Give You Good Reviews

If you execute assigned writing tasks with both professionalism and credibility, it isn’t out of place to ask your clients for good reviews. This helps to upgrade your freelance writing status while also validating your expertise.

  1. Be on the Lookout for Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Even if you’re successfully registered on a freelance platform, you should never rule out the possibility of taking on a freelance writing task on another internet platform. You should, hence, always be on the lookout for more freelance writing opportunities that fit your expertise.

  1. Write Awesome Pitches

On freelance websites, you are most often times competing with freelance writers whose expertise far outweighs yours. One way of levelling the playing field and giving yourself a shot at winning clients over is to write awesome proposals.

At times, a good pitch is enough to convince a client about your ability as many clients do not have the time to look over portfolios.

  1. Learn How to Write Good Clickbait Titles

Catchy titles have become pivotal elements of content writing and any freelance writer that wants to be at the top of the profession must learn how to write good clickbait titles. Having this skill helps you expand your reach and also makes your writing process more exciting.

  1. Become a Freelance SEO Consultant

It is rare to find a successful freelance writer who doesn’t at least have surface knowledge of SEO techniques. If you truly want to succeed as a freelance writer, then you must strive to acquire certain SEO expertise and if possible, become a freelance SEO consultant as well.

  1. Let Your Writing Expertise be Vast but Still Have a Specialty

As a freelance writer, your expertise must be vast and you must be able to complete a variety of tasks. It is, however, important that you concentrate much of your expertise on a particular facet, preferably one where you deliver your best work.

  1. Develop a Unique Writing Style

While becoming a freelance writer means you will have to tailor your writing to meet the demands of each client, nothing stops you from developing a writing style that is unique and a true representation of your expertise. Doing this elevates you to a level that is far superior to most conventional freelance writers.

  1. Practice Effective Writing

It is easy to get carried away when applying your writing expertise on a client’s task. It is, however, important that you don’t just write flowery texts that are watery and irrelevant to the subject of the task. Effective writing is the judicious use of words to aptly execute a writing task and create an engaging piece.

  1. Learn to Write Long-Form Articles

It is easy for new freelance writers to be dissuaded from accepting an assigned task if the word count required is a bit much. That is why you must consistently practice writing long-form articles that exceed the 1000 words barrier.

  1. Be Conscious of Homonyms

This is an Achilles heel for lots of freelance writers who struggle with differentiating a pair of homonyms and using the right word appropriately. Even if it means you have to check with an online resource, ensure that you avoid this error in your freelance writing work.

  1. Appropriately Use Assigned Keywords

It is not uncommon for clients to request the use of certain keywords in assigned tasks. It is, however, important that you do not let the keywords disrupt the flow of the texts. This is where your expertise in SEO writing comes to play and you apply your knowledge as a freelance SEO consultant.

  1. Have a Plagiarism Checker

Even though you are unlikely to copy other writers’ content and try to pass them as original, it is still smart to have a plagiarism checker handy in case of any coincidental incident of plagiarism. Remember, your clients are certainly going to be using one; so avoid any embarrassment by making use of one too.

  1. Learn the Skyscraper Technique

Freelance writing clients will consistently demand the delivery of content that will rank high on search engines. Apart from applying crucial off-page SEO techniques, the only other effective way of achieving this is with an SEO strategy called the skyscraper technique. This involves the combination of multiple highly ranked articles to create a masterpiece that is certain to outrank the others.

Freelance Writing TIps

  1. Treat Your Freelance Career like a Full-Time Job

Many freelance writers are in the habit of handling their freelance writing careers with naïve levity simply because they work remotely and answer to no one. If you also choose to handle your freelance writing career with such lackadaisical attitude, then you’re bound to fail eventually. This is one of the most important freelance writing tips and you must ensure that you adhere to it to stand a chance of nurturing a successful career.

  1. Incorporate Google Tools into Your Freelance Writing Business

Google tools like Google Drive, Google Doc, and of course, Google Sheet have become very important tools for businesses and corporate establishments as they allow the sharing of valuable information among multiple entities and foster collaboration. As a freelance writer, you must incorporate these tools into your operation as they help smoothen your writing process and improve your collaboration with clients.

  1. Have a User Account in a Stock Photo Website

Images help make articles more attractive and also function as illustrative tools. As a freelance writer, you must endeavour to register on a stock photo website because some clients demand the inclusion of images in the assigned tasks.

If you’re unable to afford premium sites like Shutterstock, then a free site like Pixabay should suffice.

  1. Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew

When you become a freelance writer, especially after successfully completing some tasks for a few clients, it is easy to get carried away and nurture the belief that you are capable to executing any writing task that is assigned. You must, however, keep your feet on the ground and always remember the limitations of your expertise. For instance, you have no business trying to bid for writing jobs that require expertise in technical writing if you’ve not shown consistently that you’re capable of writing technical articles.

  1. Never Miss a Deadline

Clients use deadlines as a way to leverage their authority and ensure that the freelance writers that they hire do not renegade on their promises. The quality of your work becomes irrelevant if you fail to meet the deadline agreed with the client. It doesn’t only call your professionalism into question but it also puts a dent on your credibility.

  1. Don’t Be Overworked

It is easy to get drowned in so much freelance writing work that you do not have the time to do personal things or hang out with family members and friends. Don’t ever let your workload reach that point where it interferes with your personal life.

  1. Learn to Say No

Believe it or not, you’re allowed as a freelance writer to reject freelance writing jobs when the terms attached to them do not match your needs. This isn’t an indictment on you nor is it a blemish in your professionalism. When you do not agree with the conditions put forward by a client, say no and move forward.

  1. Be In a Freelance Writing Group

This is one of the freelance writing tips you must endeavour to adhere to because it plays an important role in ensuring your development in the writing industry. A freelance writing group allows you to exchange innovative ideas with other experts and also keeps you abreast with the latest freelance writing trends.

  1. Sleep Well

If you ask most successful freelance writers what the biggest behavioural contributor to their success is, a large number of them will tell you it’s a healthy sleeping routine. Sleep isn’t just important to having a successful freelance writing career, it is paramount to your overall wellbeing.

  1. Have a Hobby

A lot of freelance writers suffer from complete burnout and end up having to take a few weeks break from the job. This is because most do not have activities they engage in apart from their freelance writing jobs.  A hobby ensures that you’re able to consistently remove yourself from the work environment and focus on something else albeit for a short period of time.

If you don’t have a productive hobby to practice, find one that will not cost much, and ensure that you engage in it on a regular basis.

  1. Join Multiple Freelance Websites

When you’re new in the freelance writing venture, it can be difficult to find clients since your portfolio is either empty or unimpressive. You can, however, boost your chances of securing your first clients by registering on multiple freelance writing platforms. You’ll probably end up discarding most of the freelance websites, but that is not until you have built a solid reputation on 1 or 2 of the sites.

  1. Use Citation Links to Buttress Facts

When you’re attempting to convey information in an article as facts, it is important that the texts are linked to a resource site that is authoritative and accurate. Doing this makes the content more valuable, not to mention the positive effect it has on SEO.

  1. Try Outsourcing if You are Overwhelmed

There are times when you will have multiple orders from your clients with identical deadlines that must be met. Unless you intend on rejecting orders that aren’t appealing, outsourcing is the best solution for you as it ensures that all tasks are completed before the stipulated deadline.

You can either outsource to other freelance writers on the freelance writing website or better still, invite a freelance writer from your freelance writing group.

  1. Start a blog

It’s not a bad idea to start a blog when freelancing as it enables you to market your expertise by allowing visitors get a first-hand look at your writing-style. Do not let the blog take much of your time, though, at least when it is still in the infancy stage and is unprofitable.

  1. Try to Guest-Post Often

Guest-posting is another way of marketing your writing expertise and ensures that you have an established reader-base that may end up becoming prospective clients. If you decide to go the guest post route, ensure that the website or blog you choose is one that gets decent traffic.

  1. Learn How to Use WordPress

WordPress is now responsible for about 30% of the web platforms on the internet so it is inevitable that you’ll encounter a task that requires basic expertise in the popular CMS. Endeavour to acquire basic WordPress expertise as it is guaranteed to be a valuable asset that will help you secure some clients.

  1. Ensure You Back-Up Your Work

This is pretty much logical and is certainly one of the most important freelance writing tips you must incorporate into your freelance writing career. Losing all your files and portfolios to a system crash is indeed painful especially when something could have been done to prevent it.

  1. Embrace Technology

Do not discard technological innovations that can be useful in your freelance writing venture because most often times, they become very popular and end up influencing the whole freelance writing industry.

  1. Try Cloud Workspace

Cloud Workspace is an awesome tool that is used by a few freelance websites to optimize the process of outsourcing. The Cloud tool ensures that you constantly have access to the virtual work area on your computer regardless of where you are or the system you use.

With Cloud Workspace, you can travel around the world without carrying your work laptop and still be able to access your system’s desktop to complete assigned tasks.

  1. Forget Big Freelance Websites, Go for Young Thriving Ones

While this may dampen your morale, it is important for you to know that your chances of being accepted or getting regular work on the popular freelance platforms are almost negligible. Whether it is Upwork or Fiverr, or even the less strict, Freelancer, you will struggle to get a steady flow of jobs because the population of freelancers on these platforms is monstrously large.

There are less popular freelance websites like Vulpith, People Per Hour, and Freelanced that are able to give you access to lots of clients without the constraint of ridiculously fierce competition.

  1. Enjoy Writing

It will be difficult for you to have a lasting freelance writing career if you don’t actually enjoy what you do. If you want to be fulfilled as a freelance writer, it is important that you leave your mark on any writing task that is assigned to you. The joy of consistently seeing your unique content published is guaranteed to motivate you and make you enjoy the writing process.

  1. Exercise Often

Since you’re going to be seated on a spot and glued to the screen of your writing device more often than not, it is important that you exercise often as lack of consistent movement can lead to weight gain. Also, ensure that you remain hydrated during working hours in order to aid your body’s metabolism.

  1. Take Care of Your Eyes

Staring at the screen for long hours can have a long-term effect on your eyes, so if you intend to engage in a job that demands exactly this, you must take necessary measures to prevent damage to your eyes.


Freelance writing is a lucrative venture to engage in; however, you must endeavour to adhere to all the freelance writing tips given in this write-up if you wish to enjoy any of the lucrative benefits attached to the online job.