7 Careers in Writing that Pay Well

Writing is lucrative because it ensures a regular flow of revenue for anyone that is passionate about creating written content. There are so many careers today that are built on the foundation of writing. It has become a promising way for anyone to either secure corporate work or launch a new internet entrepreneurial business.

Writing skills can be improved strategically by:

  • Doing topic brainstorming prior to typing.
  • Consistently writing numerous subjects in order to get a hang of it
  • Jotting down more than enough points in order to write detailed and relevant articles without bad repetitions.
  • Reading other people’s work
  • Leveraging the grammar checking tools while creating content.

Careers in Writing that Pay Well

Here are 7 careers in writing that pay well:

  1. Freelance writing
  2. Editor
  3. News reporter
  4. Blogging
  5. Technical writer
  6. Magazine writer
  7. Social media manager

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is definitely one career in writing that really pays well. It is a career many good writers choose to earn extra income online. With freelance writing, you can also have a slice of the mouthwatering pie that is in web content.

Lots of freelance writers make a yearly income of over 100K and some even earn as much as 7 figures. If you want to belong to this group, though, you must work hard to put yourself on the same pedestal.

Freelance writing has helped hundreds of newbies and writing talents build personal brands from the comfort of their homes. It is the basically the main career of the internet because almost every aspect of the web requires the creative touch of a freelance writer.

To get started on this career path, there are a few freelance writing tips that will certainly help you make a difference in this lucrative field.


A good writer often makes a good editor. So far a writer possesses certain skills that are expected of a professional editor, such a writer can do the work of an editor perfectly. The ability of a writer to write comprehensively, clearly, and concisely is enough to make him a competent editor.

Apart from delegating writing projects to a team of expert writers, editors also execute vital tweaks to written content to make it more publishable. They basically go through the writing projects completed by the team of writers, making sure that those projects are editorially ready for final publishing.

Editors are able to practice their skills in the publishing industry, newspaper industry, blogging industry and many more. All publishing companies do have editorial sections through which manuscripts pass before they are finally accepted for publishing considerations.

Similarly, magazine producers and blog owners hire professional editors for most of their writing projects in order to deliver the best of publications. Some blog editors can even make extra income from the simple editing work they do in the comfort of their homes.

News Reporter

News reporting is one of the strategic careers in writing that pay well. This is for those who try to get details and always love to ask series of questions on anything they want to know about.

For a reporter, work may necessitate traveling sometimes to gather reports on events, happenings, and important occasions. For instance, during the conduct of a presidential election in a country, reporters go everywhere to gather pieces of information that are eventually reported as news.

Though news reporting is often done full-time, it can be a part-time gig that is combined with another freelance practice.


Since blogging has now become so competitive in the online world, the possibility of creating wealth has become low compared to the times when hardly a hundred thousand people were blogging on the internet.

Blogging, however, still remains a career that can pay you handsomely if it is expertly approached.

Aside from blogging to build personal brands, some bloggers do write for others to add to their income streams. This means that they combine both freelance writing and blogging at the same time.

To succeed in blogging today, you must have an array of skills apart from writing. The skills include SEO and digital marketing.

Technical Writer

Technical writers leverage a lot of supporting resources, Frequently-Asked-Questions, and some instructional guides to translate complex ideas into pure English.

Technical writers are those who love writing about science, technology, environments, web design, logo design, and other technical concepts.

Magazine Writer

The job of a magazine writer is enormous unlike other careers in writing. A magazine writer may be hired by the press, news and report producing firms, or any other magazine producing enterprise.

The income potential in this career field is high when compared with what can be earned in other writing careers. A magazine writer can also earn a lot of money writing stories for local and international publishing firms.

Most blogs do have news and magazine sections where writers are needed to submit news and entertainment reports in exchange for money.

Social Media Manager

Gone were the days when business entrepreneurs could manage their media networks themselves. Now, businesses have gone to the next level by hiring top professionals to manage their social media accounts for the sake of boosting profits.

Aside from leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, a lot of businesses have gone as far as leveraging platforms like Quora and Yahoo Answers as well.