7 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a major inconvenience especially if it isn’t properly styled. Some people with frizzy hair do everything possible to keep it tame. They shampoo the hell out of it, consistently straighten it with flat irons or apply a variety of anti-frizz gels and hairsprays.

All these cosmetic solutions, however, have damaging effects on your hair. They are also not reliable, which is why you continuously have to use them to keep your frizzy hair in check.

There is a much better way to resolve your frizzy hair crisis that doesn’t lead to further damage to your hair; it is giving your frizzy hair an impressive haircut. There are several low maintenance haircuts for frizzy hair that are guaranteed to transform your disorganized look.

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Your unique hair structure and texture shouldn’t be seen as a burden; instead, its qualities should be used to fashion a hairstyle that perfectly fits you and is actually beautiful on you.

So, if you’ve decided not to alter your frizzy hair, and in fact, want to upgrade it with a haircut, here are 7 amazing low maintenance haircuts for frizzy hair.

  1. Texture Wavy Bob

This hairstyle is the perfect fit for frizzy hair. Identical to the smooth bob that is done on straight hair, it helps to put your curled-up frizz to good use. With this haircut, your hair becomes fuller but lighter, ensuring that you’re able to carry it with relative ease.

The haircut can also be styled to conceal one of your eyes, giving you a more glamorous look. What makes this haircut amazing, though, is that it is low maintenance and just requires occasional brushing to keep it in shape.

  1. Long Curly Layers

Your frizzy hair can be transformed into long curls that slide down below your shoulder. To accomplish this, your stylist must ensure that your frizz is properly loosened so that it can be styled to flow from your head downwards.

This haircut can only be aptly executed if your hair’s shortest layer ends at your chin or lower; otherwise, your frizzy hair may only be suitable for a low maintenance medium haircut. Your stylist should also understand exactly what you’re gunning for so that the haircut doesn’t turn out poufy.

  1. Curly Shoulder Bob

This is another hairstyle that is quite incredible and perfectly suits your hair if it is frizzy. It makes use of a diametrix cutting style that brings out the curl in your hair and gives it an orderly shape.

With the curls in your hair now intertwined, its length increases and its volume is more evenly spread out. As the name of this haircut suggests, your hair flows glamorously down before terminating just above your shoulders.

It can be styled in a variety of ways to suit your taste including the addition of external items like a flower, a scarf or even a clip.

  1. Short and Sassy

If you prefer a short haircut for comfort and carriage then there are quite a few low maintenance haircuts that will be perfect for that frizzy hair of yours. The short and sassy haircut is perhaps the most ideal as it helps to eliminate rowdy hair strands that twist and make your hair heavy and uncomfortable.

This hairstyle frees up the front of your head and its sides, leaving a curled layer of hair that beautifully lines the top of your head. It can be styled in a variety of ways as well, depending on your taste.

  1. Upside Down Curved Triangle

This is one of the best hairstyles for curly frizzy hair. It uses your frizz to create strands of curled hair that run down to your chin in a diagonal fashion. From afar it is almost cone-shaped or as the name suggests an upside-down triangle that is curved.

The style, which is low maintenance, helps to evenly spread your frizzy hair. This makes it much lighter and improves its carriage. It is one of the best haircuts you can get if you want attention drawn to your eyes.

  1. The chin-length shag

hairstyles for curly frizzy hair

This is another cute hairstyle that helps to transform your frizzy hair into a curly delight. If you want some versatility in your haircut, then this is the best option you to consider. Your hair is skillfully cut in a way that puts short hair pieces in the front of your head. The pieces grow longer as you slowly move to the side until you encounter a large volume of hair behind that terminates at the lower end of your neck.

  1. Strong Clipper Bob

This variant of the popular bob haircut is one of the best hairstyles for you if you’ve got a curly frizzy hair. What makes this hairstyle unique is that it can be done with a clipper. The haircut frees the front of your head, allowing your curly hair to flow downward on both sides and terminate near your chin.