7 Profitable Niches with Low Competition for an Affiliate Site

If you’re interested in starting a blog solely for the purpose of making money then you’re probably planning to own an affiliate website. Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to earn money with your website as it allows you to earn a commission for each visitor you successfully direct to purchase an affiliate product or service.

Unfortunately, it has become quite difficult to operate a successful affiliate website due to the proliferation of such money-making platforms. The only way to stand a chance of earning affiliate income now is to target profitable niches with low competition.

Doing this gives you access to a lot of prospective customers without having to compete with other numerous affiliate sites. So, are you interested in making some cool affiliate income? Well, here 7 profitable niches with low competition if you’re about starting your own affiliate website.


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  1. Diet, Fitness and Weight loss

To be honest I wouldn’t call this niche a low competition niche as there are lots of affiliate websites based on these 3 health-related sub-niches. What I will say, though, is that there are still lots of lucrative low competition keywords in this niche that can be huge money-makers if appropriately applied.

There are new ground-breaking discoveries released every time, which can be a base point for the generation of a variety of low competition keywords. This means that you’ll always have a marketable keyword at your disposable as long as you have the proper keyword research skills needed.

  1. Hair Styling

The hair styling niche is one massive affiliate niche that is still under-served. If you’re looking for a blogging niche that will immediately deliver instant results then this has got to be at the top of the list. Of course, it can be a difficult niche to blog about if you don’t have any interest in the subject. If you’re a decent writer, though, you should be able to make it work.

There are countless numbers of blogging topics you can write on in this niche and many of these topics are composed of high-volume low competition keywords.

It is also quite easy to sneak in affiliate links into posts in this niche. Most of such links will probably point to hair products that belong to Amazon or any other affiliate program.

You can also write product reviews on a vast range of hair products and insert your affiliate links in the posts.

All in all, this niche is definitely one of the few profitable niches out there if you want to earn a decent income from affiliate marketing.

Profitable Niches with Low Competition

  1. 3d Printing

The popularity of 3d printing is gradually growing with the number of people interested in the gadget at a record high. The high prices of 3d printers have been the major obstacle to the viability of the tech tool as an affiliate product, but that is gradually changing as prices are slowly coming down.

There are a lot of topics to write about in the 3d printing niche, many of which have low competition keywords with lots of search volume. You can also write reviews on a vast range of 3d printers, sneaking in your affiliate links into the posts. The reviews stand a better a chance of being your money posts as visitors reading them are more likely to make purchases.

  1. Photography

Photography is another lucrative affiliate niche you ought to give a shot especially if you have some photography skills. The list of topics to write about in this niche is endless. From “how-to guides” on the craft to photography tips, you’ll always find something to write about.

You can also do reviews for a vast range of cameras and other photography equipment, which will contain your affiliate links.

Another sub-niche in the photography niche you should definitely check out is mobile photography. This is where you discuss the art of taking pictures with smartphones. You can even review smartphones solely from the angle of camera quality. This is another way to make some affiliate revenue.

  1. Baby Products

This is another niche that isn’t entirely low competition but is filled with so many low competition keywords. With so many keywords still untapped, you can take advantage of the derived traffic to earn some lucrative affiliate income without having to compete with the big players.

There are also a wide variety of baby products out there, so there is always a product review for you to write about. Whether it’s clothing, toys, food, and other accessories, this niche is saturated with enough products for all the affiliate sites to earn from.

  1. Hair Loss

If you want a more secluded niche that targets a specific audience, then you may want to try this niche. Hair loss, like every other cosmetic issue, is a condition many men and women battle with. Thankfully, there are products and procedures that can help to resolve it.

Many people suffering from hair loss will pay quite a substantial sum to resolve it. So if you manage to create an affiliate website with a reliable solution to hair loss, well, you’ll be swimming in a whole lot of affiliate cash.

  1. Musical Instruments

There are a lot of blogs about music but not many about the instruments that produce the various beautiful sounds. So if you’re into musical instruments then this is a niche you may want to consider. The list of topics you can write about is endless. From playing different notes on a musical instrument to tips on how to properly maintain a musical instrument, you will definitely not lack ideas for topics if you choose this niche.

Of course, you can always include affiliate links in any article you craft; though, your affiliate product has to be directly or indirectly related to musical instruments.


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