9 Content Creation Websites for Webmasters and Bloggers

Content creation websites help create free channels through which website owners connect directly with writers. They are also used by blog owners who want to continue satisfying their readers’ appetite for quality and informative content.

Site owners have come to realize that readers wouldn’t want to spend any time reading blog posts that don’t contain what they’re looking for. Readers will only spend time on a blog once they can find some useful and informative posts that will satisfy their yearnings for information.

Aside from creating quality and informative content to captivate readers, it is also important for you to build engagement with your target audience. This will make them keep coming back to check out your latest posts and in the long run, it will help your blog rank well on search engine result pages.

Search engines are not so concerned about the number of people that visit a blog, rather, they focus more on the quality of visitors and the amount of time that is spent on the blog.

It’s great to use content creation sites to outsource blog posts and articles as Google bots will only get attracted by blogs that are frequently updated with quality and engaging content.

Here are the 9 best content creation websites you can leverage for quality text, image, and video content:

If you, however, wish to craft your content by yourself, then check out these freelance writing tips.

Content Creation Websites


This platform is great when it comes to finding stock photos to use within content. Using stock images that are relevant is very crucial for search engine ranking.

Though similar images copied from this site may be found on many blogs, this wouldn’t attract any penalty from Google so far they are purposely used to accompany an article. The main reason Google regards images as part of its ranking algorithm is because readers get bored when they read articles with no image attached.

Eyeem has hundreds of thousands of stock images that can be used with any blog niche and can be leveraged by content creators.

Creative Market

One unique thing about the Creative Market platform is that it helps content writers get free logo design tools that are suitable for creating highly-engaging content. Search engines get attracted to relevant logos that are attached to web content. It makes the content look more engaging and appealing to readers.

Highly-captivating content logos are available on this platform and can be used on any website or blog. The featured designs can be accessed for free but only for a period of seven days after which they get deleted by the platform.

Crowd Content

This platform is great when it comes to purchasing quality written content at an affordable rate. It’s a content marketplace and a freelancing platform where talented writers can demonstrate their potentials and make the most out of their writing skills.

You can leverage this platform to hire expert writers for your website or blog. This makes certain that you can focus on other important SEO processes while a good freelance writer handles your content creation process.

Great Content

Great Content is another content creation website and a multilingual content production platform offering editorial content and professional search engine optimization services in more than 30 languages.

It also provides consultancy services and has a content marketplace through which content can be outsourced, delivered, and purchased.

Some of the benefits for this platform to website owners include:

  • Over 10000 quality and highly-productive writers from all parts of the world
  • Employed professional writers who deliver the best to their clients
  • Native language speakers delivering articles in more than 30 languages
  • Copyscape checked articles written by highly competent writers in all categories


This is a platform with thousands of qualified freelance writers and copywriters who are trained to help you execute your content marketing strategic and increase site traffic.

To start using Scripted, simply join and get access to hundreds of professional freelance writers. Your first 30 days is 100% free.

There are free tools you can use to upload your writing plans so that you can brief writers on how you want the content to be written. You can also find free templates that will help you describe your format to the writers.


This is where you’ll get unique and original images for your content. There are professional photographers that offer this service on Shutterstock and anyone can hire them for quality freelancing services.


This platform offers both free and paid images and it also has a huge library of affordable images that help improve the visual quality of web content.


When it comes to outsourcing written content to professional writers, this is one of the best platforms for that. There are experienced writers available for all blog niches.


At Fotolia, newbie bloggers have access tofree videos that can be used along with written content. This is helpful when trying to get better search engine rankings as people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 70% of what they hear and see.

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