9 Self-Publishing Companies to Avoid

Self-publishing has become quite popular due to the challenges of traditional publishing. Many talented authors have to deal with various constraints that prevent them from actualizing their dreams and aspirations. This is why some authors end up going the self-publishing route since they have failed to secure lucrative publishing deals

It is a new dawn where anyone can self-publish even with just little investment. Books can now be self-published both in digital and paper forms without incurring much cost.

There are also self-publishing companies you can leverage if you choose to self-publish your work. You should, however, be cautious of the company you do business with as some are just unreliable or are vanity presses.

If you want to engage in self-publishing and don’t want to handle the entire process yourself then you should know about self-publishing companies that can’t be trusted with your work.

Here are 9 self-publishing companies to avoid:

  1. Abbott Press

Authors may need to avoid Abbott Press because:

  • It’s one of those companies that do transfer authors’ books into the numerous book fairs in the world.
  • Invalid awards and contests are focused most on self-published book authors and Abbott Press is one of such publishing companies that do this.
  • It’s one of those publishing companies that assign a fee whenever an approval seal and awards are given to the self-published authors
  • It has no statistical record to defend all charging fees and it sells advertising spaces
  • Self-published authors get exploited as they may have to traditionally adhere to inappreciable royalty or pay rates and accept to embark on worthless contracts.
  • It’s one of those companies that take advantage of the potential self-published authors who may be exceptionally talented but may not know about self-publishing.
  1. Alliant Press

Alliant Press may have to be avoided by self-published authors because:

  • It’s a publishing company formed due to partnership between two different organizations: Author Solutions and Alliant International University (AIU); a private United States college.
  • It was a university press that deliberately focused more on publishing the academic work of scholars, staff members, students, alumni, and that of selected authors of the Alliant International University (AIU) than on the interests of self-published authors.
  • Content written by authors might likely be reproduced and distributed for publication.
  • The Alliant International University prefer publicizing and partnering with the trade publishing organizations to the talented book self-publishers.
  • Alliant Press may lose the continued patronage of those in the book publishing sector since more attention is devoted to those in the trade publishing sector.
  • Institutions who specialize in publishing quality and educational books for their students will continue to avoid Alliant Press as it focuses more on the trade publishing sector.
  1. America Star Books

America Star Books might be counted as one of the self-publishing companies to avoid because:

  • Bookshops cannot place books on their bookshelves automatically and they require consent from authors that any book they’ll agree to put on their shelves must sell fast.
  • The new America Star Books website has ported over the pages on the former Publish America’s website such as the “Facts and figures” pages and others.
  • Authors regularly complain that they do not usually get their outstanding royalties paid on time.
  1. Archway Publishing

Authors may have to avoid Archway Publishing due to the following reasons:

  • Much is required for a standard cover design.
  • Extra cost is added to the initial $2000 charge for editing/proofreading which may increase the overall charges to $5000.
  • It even costs less than $500 to hire the service of a professional editor.
  1. Austin Macauley

For the reasons stated below, Austin Macauley Publishing Ltd may have to be avoided:

  • Austin Macauley has received the highest number of complaints in the industry so far.
  • It has posed the most critical problems and challenges.
  • It shares the same workforce with another publisher called Ashwell Publishers.
  • As a traditional publishing house, it wouldn’t share from the spending risk, but would rather enforce authors to single-handedly bear all the publishing costs alone.
  1. Author House

Author House should be avoided for the following reasons:

  • It doesn’t sell books like other publishers do.
  • People are their market.
  • They have limited book distribution.
  1. Balboa Press UK

Balboa may be avoided for the following reasons:

  • They make more than $2 from a retail starting point of $17.95 which is quite terrific.
  • Participating at the Hay House Writers workshop costs thousands.
  1. Booktango

For the reasons stated below, Booktango may be avoided by authors:

  • Booktango takes nothing from the authors’ royalties and this may lead to frustrations on its own part in the nearest future.
  • It’s not recommended by the Alliance of Independent authors.
  1. Author House UK

Avoid Author House UK for the following reasons:

  • They only have three basic packages with starting prices ranging from 795 Pounds to 999 Pounds.
  • To upgrade to hardback publication, the author will incur an extra cost amounting to 1045 Pounds, which is too much for a newbie author.
  • It’s not recommended by the Alliance of Independent Authors.