How to Get BuzzFeed Backlinks to Your Blog and Have Them Displayed in Google Search Console

As a blogger or site owner, getting reputable backlinks to your site is one task you probably dread. It is, however, necessary if you want to improve your site’s SEO and boost its search engine ranking. One reliable way to go about getting backlinks is by writing guest posts on top blogs. Most top blogs won’t even consider receiving a written piece from you though. This is, indeed, why Buzzfeed is a breath of fresh air.

From an outside view, Buzzfeed looks like a news blog filled with the disruptive ramblings of immature teenagers. In the midst of these cringey posts, however, are well-researched investigative articles that shed light on very serious issues in various facets of the society.

What makes Buzzfeed an awesome site, though, is that anyone can sign up for an account and begin posting web content. This is probably why most of the posts found on the front page are just silly write-ups about the hottest celebrities and images of dancing pets.

Still, with a domain authority of 92, having your article published on the BuzzFeed platform can only be beneficial to the SEO goals of your blog or website.

The most effective way of getting your Buzzfeed article indexed in Google and the backlink displayed in Search Console is to have it featured on the front page of the website. This is where the millions of monthly visitors hangout to access trending stories and consume quirky memes.

It is, however, almost impossible for the article of just a contributor to reach the first page as most of the articles that populate the homepage are written by staff writers. So, unless you write something crazy and catchy, your article will be buried in the virtual pile along with millions of other unseen articles.

There is a way to get your unknown BuzzFeed article indexed, though, so that it provides search engine and backlink value to your blog. This will be explained to you below in an elaborate manner.

buzzfeed backlinks

A little caveat before proceeding any further: there is an on-going debate on whether a BuzzFeed backlink actually has SEO value i.e., dofollow. There is no clear evidence so far that support or dismiss the notion that it is a dofollow link. What is only established is that it can be crawled and added to Google Search Console.

The Process of Indexing Your BuzzFeed Backlink

Once you’ve submitted the BuzzFeed article and marked the “suggest for community” feature, your post will be published on the BuzzFeed platform. While the URL will permanently be viable, the article will be so deep in the site’s architecture that it cannot be crawled by search engines…and probably never will.

What you do first is to go to the admin page of your WordPress site (or whatever CMS tool you’re using).

Then you create a new page, which you can give any name you wish.

Proceed to paste the URL for your BuzzFeed article into the page and publish it immediately.

Just like you probably do with each published post, go into Search Engine Console to maunually get that page indexed.

To do this, click on “Fetch as Google” and add the URL of the page containing the BuzzFeed URL in fetch bar.

Click on fetch and go on to click the “request indexing” button. This, of course, brings up a pop up page with two crawl options: “Crawl only this URL” and “Crawl this URL and its direct links”.

Choose the latter and complete the indexing process.

While your page will get indexed immediately, it may take a while (3days-2 weeks) for the BuzzFeed page to be indexed. It, however, eventually gets indexed and the backlinks you have in there will appear in Search Engine Console.

SEO Effect of BuzzFeed Backlink

While no one really knows if BuzzFeed backlinks are dofollow, the result of this campaign on Writing Maniac’s SEO has been noticeable. After securing the backlinks in Search Engine Console, Writing Maniac jumped from the 2nd page to the 1st for the keyword used as an anchor text in the BuzzFeed article. So you can form your own assertions from that.


There are not many opportunities out there to get reliable backlinks, especially from authoritative sites. Buzzfeed is indeed one of the best options for guest posting, but only if you have the knowledge that is shared in this post.