English Corrector and Grammar Checker Tools for Freelance Writers

If you want to have a successful freelance writing career, you don’t only have to be a talented wordsmith but you must also have the dedication and discipline needed to consistently deliver your best output. There are also important tools you need, among which is an effective English corrector or a grammar checker.

No matter your level of expertise in freelancing or your writing prowess, you need an AI tool that has been aptly programmed to correct grammar and composition errors in writing. This is even truer if you are a freelance writer who consistently handles writing tasks for several clients and has to put out thousands of words per day.

Why You Need an English Corrector or a Grammar Checker

No matter your level of proficiency in English language or your writing skills, if you want to truly succeed in freelance writing, you must have an English corrector installed on your system or be subscribed to any of the renowned online grammar checker tools.

Grammar Corrector

It eliminates errors

Typographical errors and the misuse of grammatical elements are common writing mistakes freelance writers often deal with in their careers simply because there is always an influx of writing tasks assigned by various clients. With most of these assigned tasks also needing to be completed before their stipulated deadlines, freelance writers are bound to commit occasional errors that can be quite embarrassing.

An English corrector, however, ensures that the grammatical errors are easily recognized and appropriately rectified, which helps to uphold a writer’s reputation and also makes certain that the freelance writer doesn’t lose the trust of his or her clients.

It makes the editing fast

Editing can be a slow and tedious process, which is why many freelance writers do not enjoy it very much. It is, however, necessary if a writer wants to guarantee the quality of his or her work.   Editing basically involves taking a second look at the written content and more importantly, correcting errors that are found.

If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, it is necessary for you to edit your work properly. This can, however, be painstaking if you are a writer that receives multiple tasks from clients on a daily basis.

This is where an English corrector or grammar checker comes in as it assists you by hastening the editing process and making certain that your work is free from embarrassing mistakes.

It makes your work look more professional

Professionalism is an attribute every freelance writer should endeavor to exhibit; and one way for you to show how professional you are is to properly edit your work and organize the content to meet the requirement of the client.

Some English corrector tools don’t only correct errors and point out omissions, they also show proper sentence structures that will be ideal for you and make your work more readable. Since high readability is the ultimate goal of every content writing task, having a tool that guides you through the proper structuring of your sentences definitely wouldn’t hurt the quality of your work.

Best English Corrector and Grammar Checker Tools


Grammarly is perhaps the online bible of almost every freelance writer as it has become a very important tool in the editing process. This one of a kind innovative tool is available both as a web application and installed software. It can also be accessed via browser addons and as an added feature in the popular text editor, Microsoft Word.

Its basic function is to check for spelling errors and basic grammar mistakes, which it indicates by placing a red marker beneath the erroneous text/texts. Perhaps its most remarkable feature is the fact that this function can be accessed for free, ensuring that freelance writers do not have to spend any of their earnings on subscribing for a Grammarly account.

With that noted, the English corrector tool does have a premium account that allows freelance writers to identify more complex errors in their works, which have to do with the structure of the sentences and the readability of the content.

Using Grammarly should never be a replacement for the editing process. Writers still need to proofread their works even after the grammar checker tool has been used to make certain that those mistakes missed by the AI tool are identified by their keen eyes and attention to detail.


Though the functions performed by this basic English corrector are quite simple, it executes them so well that it is regarded as one of the most potent grammar checkers online. Installed as a browser addon, the Ginger icon can be clicked to edit written content in the text area of almost all websites including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google.

The tool can also be used when editing posts on WordPress; hence, making sure that a published post isn’t riddled with embarrassing errors that can damage a writer’s reputation.

The major downside of using this tool to edit a WordPress post is that it is only possible when you switch to the text editor.


There are few web applications that don’t only rectify grammar errors but also analyze a writer’s writing style and improve the structures of sentences. Hemingway is the all-in-one writing tool that helps writers of all calibers and niche improve their craft by not only pointing out grammatical mistakes but also suggesting better sentence structures.

The layout of Hemingway’s user interface is quite sleek and even though it isn’t available yet as an addon tool, it is still quite easy to use and ensures that a freelance writer’s work is both impeccable and error-free.

The Hemingway tool is also available as desktop software, making it easier for WordPress posts to be properly edited. While most other English corrector or grammar checker tools focus on grammar accuracy and spelling errors, Hemingway pays close attention to grammar rules like adverb use and passive voices.

An English corrector is an important tool every serious freelance writer must have; it should, however, only be used in combination with proper editing and proofreading habits.