How to Increase Your Writing Speed and Improve the Quality of Your Output as a Freelance Writer

In the world of freelance writing where the amount you earn is determined by the number of freelance writing tasks you’re able to complete, your writing speed becomes an important factor and basically determines how financially successful you’re as a freelance writer. If you want to thrive in the highly competitive freelance writing field, one thing you must do is learn how to increase your writing speed.

As a freelance writer, you will be assigned various types of writing tasks and projects like blog posts, web articles as well as website copies. You must, hence, ensure that the turnaround time for each task perfectly matches its complexity.

Your priority when writing for a client shouldn’t be finishing the task as fast as possible; rather, it should be delivering quality output that will earn you your income and a referral. Speed should, in fact, be secondary to the quality of your work otherwise, you will lose clients faster than you secure them.

If you want to increase your writing speed and still maintain the standard of your prowess, there are a few freelance writing tips you can follow to make this a possibility.

7 Ways to Increase Your Writing Speed and Improve Your Output

Before Writing

Increase Your Writing SpeedDon’t accept multiple tasks at once

An obvious way to increase your writing speed and also improve your output at once is to carefully manage the number of writing tasks that are assigned to you. It is quite tempting to claim as many tasks as you want; you must, however, understand that it is the quality of the content you deliver that will determine whether you’ll be paid for the job.

No sensible client will pay you for poorly written content even if you succeed in beating the deadline by an impressive amount of time. Limiting the number of assigned tasks to a quantity you can handle helps you stay focused, and this increases your writing speed by a great deal.

Don’t accept tasks that are difficult and complex for you

As a freelance writer, you probably have preference for some types of content. Though a good freelance writer should be able to write across board, there are just certain areas and niches that are difficult for some writers.

For example, not many writers are able to pen a proper technical article, and some of those that can need a lot of turnaround time. If you belong to either of these two categories of freelance writers, then it’s best that you don’t accept tasks that involve a large degree of technical writing.

Sticking to the niches and areas you’re good at is the best way to optimize your performance and increase your writing speed. Since you are most likely writing on subjects that you’re familiar with, your writing process becomes less strenuous and you can draw on your knowledge and expertise when necessary.

Plan each task

If you want to take the professional route in freelance writing, then you must act like a true professional. One way to do so is by planning each and every writing task you undertake before “putting pen to paper”.

Proper planning of a task helps to put everything in place so that you can be fully focused on completing the task. It is common for writers to be distracted by trivial occurences during writing, drastically reducing the speed with which they write.

Planning every step of the writing process helps to eliminate these distractions. Doing things like scheduling a timeframe for each task, sourcing content for reference purposes, and SEO research helps to reduce the burden placed on you during writing; and this is guaranteed to increase your writing speed.

Outline the content before writing

A lot of writers do not follow a thorough process when penning their content and are still able to deliver acceptable results.

This is, however, not an advisable route to follow if you want to succeed as a freelance writer. It can lead to inconsistencies in the quality of delivered content, which will ruin any trust your clients have in your expertise.

Writing an outline before commencing the writing process is simply the best practice you can engage if you want to increase your writing speed as well as boost the quality of your output. This content planning procedure helps you to break down the content into subtopics, making it easier for you to write and also reducing the timeframe for completing the task.

When Writing

Use short sentences and paragraphs

One of the measures you can take during the writing to help speed it up is to make use of short sentences and paragraphs. You shouldn’t use more than 14 words in a sentence and a typical paragraph for any web content you’re working on should be made up of nothing more than 60 words or four lines.

Adhering to this practice is pretty much essential to your success as a freelance writer since it doesn’t only help with expediting the writing process but also improves the overall quality of your writing.

Short sentences and paragraphs help to boost the readability of a content, which is one of the demands most clients make when assigning a task.

Make use of simpler words

As a practitioner of the writing craft, it is easy for you to want to heed to the temptation of writing with complex vocabularies when handling tasks for clients; but don’t. When working as a freelance writer, your primary objective should be making the content very simple to read and understand.

It will be difficult to achieve this if you consistently use fancy words and purple prose when crafting the texts that make up the content.

Edit with a grammar tool

The editing process is perhaps the most tedious part of writing as it involves cleaning up every mess made during the actual writing. This stress involved in editing as, however, been eliminated with the advent of various grammar checker tools.

Using any of these tools to edit your work can help slash the editing timeframe by a considerable amount; thus, increasing the speed of the whole writing process and also improve the quality of the content.