How to Build a Successful SEO Career

If you want to become a successful freelance writer or wish to diversify your source of income then fostering a decent SEO career may be the best option for you. An SEO career provides you with the opportunity to broaden your horizon in the freelance landscape and also hone a completely different skill that is certain to make you lots of money.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, has become a major freelance niche on its own with lots of experts readily available to offer their services to prospective clients. With competition in the freelance writing field very fierce, diversifying your skillset by mastering SEO techniques is a sure way to guarantee the continuous influx of freelance jobs.

Why You Should Consider a Career in SEO

Every career path in the freelancing field has the potential to being very lucrative; there are, however, many reasons why SEO is one of the most profitable freelance sub-niches to specialize in. Here are just a few salient points to affirm the profitability of an SEO Career.

SEO Career

SEO is a Major Part of Content Writing

If you’re a freelance writer who consistently engages in content writing tasks, there is a fair chance that you’ve encountered SEO and in fact, have basic knowledge about what it entails. If SEO terminologies like keywords, organic search, and meta tags aren’t alien to you, then incorporating SEO into your skillset is definitely a no-brainer. It greatly increases your revenue stream and of course, improves expertise level.

SEO Experts Make Lots of Money

It is common to see freelance writers who are underpaid or earn just a modest income; SEO experts, however, are among the best-paid freelance experts in the field with some highly reputable professionals even earning 5 figures on a single SEO project.

This is so because SEO is quite critical to the marketing goals of numerous companies and these companies stand to lose billions in revenues if they fail to properly execute their digital marketing strategies.

Investment in SEO has eclipsed billions of US Dollars, and a bulk of that directly goes to various SEO companies and experts whose expertise have become quite valuable. An SEO career gives you the opportunity to make lots of money without having to jeopardize your already established freelance writing career.

A Huge Demand for SEO Expertise and Services

This is perhaps the main reason why you should definitely consider a career in SEO even if it is to supplement your freelance writing gig. The demand for SEO experts is impressively high and it is on the increase with some companies even willing to permanently incorporate such individuals into their personnel.

If you choose to venture into the SEO sub-niche, you are guaranteed to have a consistent influx of SEO tasks as companies and organizations with web platforms are always in need of SEO assistance. Whether it is completely creating an SEO strategy or tweaking an on-going digital marketing campaign, there is always a task for you to execute if you take the SEO career path.

Tips to Help You Build a Successful SEO Career

If you’re new in the SEO industry or are contemplating a career in SEO, then these tips are certain to help you achieve your goals.

Get Proper Training and Qualification

It is essential that you’re properly trained before venturing into the SEO field. It is erroneous to carry the “learning the ropes” mindset into the SEO field as it is certain to spell doom for your SEO career.

It is simple really; SEO is a result driven field where the outcome of a strategy solely justifies its use. Whatever tricks, techniques or tools you intend to use, you are judged only by the success you bring.

There are various online SEO courses you can take with some offering very comfortable training schedules.

Master On-Page SEO

On-page SEO should be your immediate priority if you want your SEO career to take off without any hitch. This is because it involves every technique and skill a freelance writer should ordinarily be aware of without even establishing a career in SEO.

If you wish to succeed in your new endeavor as an SEO expert then you must truly master the skill of optimizing content for high search engine rankings. The SEO skills you must learn include the proper use and the integration of keywords without negating the content’s readability.

Another expertise you must have if you want to excel as an SEO specialist is the ability to aptly research keywords and filter through them based on potency and relevance. This can be a tedious process though there are a variety of keyword research and keyword spy tools that make the process less strenuous.

Build a Strong Network of Partner Sites

Another important aspect of SEO every expert must be familiar with is off-page SEO. This involves the use of features or functions that aren’t on the pages of the web platform to optimize the site’s search engine rankings. This usually makes use of various link building channels to help improve the status of a website and of course, increase its traffic as well.

In order for you to master off-page SEO, you must endeavor to network with lots of websites and blog so as to have access to their web platforms via backlinks. Though backlinks have do not wield as much power as they once did, they still remain a reliable way to increase your site’s domain authority.

The best way to get backlinks from any of the partner sites you may want to secure is by writing valuable guest posts that proffer relevant solutions to lingering issues troubling the readers of the partner sites, If the content you post on a partner site isn’t even relevant, or if you choose to incorporate your site’s links into unscrupulous web platforms, then you will not get the results you want instead, your client’s site is guaranteed to get penalized.


An SEO career is quite a lucrative one regardless of the challenges it presents; if you, however, stick to the tips in this write-up, you guaranteed to have a successful SEO career while also maintaining your success in freelance writing.