8 Dating and Hook-up Sites Like Ashley Madison

Are you so horny that you’re willing to meet a stranger online just for the chance of engaging in sexual intercourse? Don’t sweat it; you’re in the same boat as millions who’ve turned to the internet to find romantic or sexual partners.

Luckily, there are numerous websites out there that allow lonely or horny people to interact and schedule meet-ups. One of such websites is Ashley Madison with several millions of monthly visitors.

There was a time when Ashley Madison was the most popular hook-up site on the internet; unfortunately, that all changed when the platform was hacked and its users had their information stolen.

Thankfully, there are now other dating platforms you can also visit to get your rock on. Here is a list of 8 hook-up sites like Ashley Madison you should definitely check out. Whether you just want to get laid or actually think you’ll find your soul mate online — ha ha, yeah right — these 8 alternative sites should definitely do.

  1. Zoosk

This dating platform may have started as a Facebook app; it has, however, grown to become one of the most popular dating websites on the internet. It has a very efficient match-making system that helps its 40 million users find perfect dates.

Whether you’re only interested in a steaming fling or actually want to start a relationship, Zoosk operates with an algorithm that ensures you’re only set up with someone who has similar interests.

Unlike most dating sites that are horrible on mobile, Zoosk actually has a mobile platform that is user-friendly and efficient, which is why it is one of the best dating platforms you can find.

  1. Match.com

Since its formation in the early 2000s, Match.com has continued to thrive and remains one of the best websites for those who want to find a romantic match online. While it is primarily used by those that are looking to start serious relationships, it does welcome flirters who just want casual hook-ups.

It is also one of the few online dating sites that take extra measures to protect users. So, you’re at least guaranteed some security in your online romantic journey.

The platform has a “Stir” feature, which plans events across several major US cities where people seeking romance meet and possibly hook-up.

Sites Like Ashley Madison

  1. Elite Singles

This is a dating platform that is more tailored towards older and mature people. Most other dating platforms don’t really have the features that help to properly scrutinize mature dating. This is why older users who use them are unsatisfied.

Elite Singles, however, has everything in place to ensure that those using the platform are actually looking for serious romantic relationships. The platform is pretty strict and is quick to ban any member that it finds engaging in unscrupulous activities.

  1. Single Parent Meet

Dating as a single parent can be a pain in the neck. This is because you have to tell prospective dates that you have a kid/kids and that, often times, isn’t a pleasant conversation to have. The obvious solution to this is a dating platform where the question about your kids’ existence has already been answered.

Single Parent Meet is definitely the best dating site for single parents who still want to explore romantic relationships. With over a million monthly visitors, you’re guaranteed to find someone that will fit your need.

  1. QuickFlirt

If you belong to the category of people looking for meaningless flings and casual one-night stands, then this is one of the best platforms for you. If you’re also looking for sites like Ashey Madison with regards to ease-of-use then QuickFlirt is an ideal alternative for you.

What is awesome about this website is that it allows you to keep your online dating life private, ensuring that your identity isn’t exposed to the millions of other users on the platform.

  1. OurTime

Casual hook-up is slowly becoming popular in older people too, which is why an online platform that caters to this need is necessary. Thankfully, OurTime is a hook-up website like Ashley Madison that specifically caters to older singles.

If you’re an older person in search of a non-committal relationship or simply want to get your freak on, then this is the right platform for you.

  1. Doublelist

If you want a hook-up platform with a Craigslist feel then Doublelist is the best option for you. While there are other sites like Doublist that allow you to post personal ads about sex meets, none is as popular as the renowned platform.

  1. Tinder

Of course, a dating or hook-up websites’ list isn’t complete without mentioning the king of all hook-up sites, Tinder. If you’re striking out in all the other platforms, you stand a better chance of getting a date or a casual fling on Tinder thanks to its over 100 million users.

It is also available in app form so you can swiftly browse through possible matches on your smartphone.