Where to Write Articles Online For Free

As the world gradually changes to a digital village, more people are beginning to understand the need to go into a form of online business. Freelance writing still remains one of the most preferred online jobs for newbies.

One way to establish a successful freelance writing practice is to first write articles online for free.

Why Should You Write Articles Online For Free?

Of course it sounds ridiculous to propose writing online for no fee whatsoever. But remember, not all freelance writers suddenly become renowned experts. Most had to work their way to the top.

Newbies write articles online for free due to the following reasons:

  • To gain confidence
  • To build their portfolios
  • To avoid the high cost of using the premium tools for writing
  • To network with more successful writers and get their first gigs
  • To gain more exposure in internet marketing

If you want to become a successful freelance writer check out these elaborate freelance writing tips and note some of the points relayed.

List of websites that offer free writing opportunities

Here is a list of websites that offer writing opportunities to new freelance writers:


This is an online news platform that allows anyone from any location in the world to write articles for free. BuzzFeed started out some years ago and is waxing stronger every year.

A lot of site owners and webmasters have leveraged this platform to order quality articles from the contributing writers. So it can be a stepping stone for you to get regular freelance work.


Ourplnt.com is officially accepting interested and dedicated writers from all parts of the world. The website has basic guidelines for their guest posting programme, which writers must always abide to.

Ourplnt.com only accepts guest posts related to the following niches:

  • Infographics
  • Robotics
  • People and relationship
  • Any niche that is related to general science and the planet earth
  • Photography
  • Animals, Plants, Astronomy, Space exploration, Geology, Environment, and the likes


HubPages is a great platform where any passionate writer from anywhere in the world can create hubs for free and monetize the hubs without spending a dime.

Though you aren’t paid to write for the platform, there are a lot of ways for you to earn from the hubs you create. Some of these ways include:

  • Google Adsense
  • Hubpages earning program
  • Amazon advertising revenue
  • Ebay affiliate network
  • Kontera Ads, and lots more.


Alistapart.com is a platform that requires so much quality from writers. It’s currently accepting guest post writers who get very good traffic in return. Acceptance is almost immediate for any writer who can write articles that will challenge the readers and move the platform forward.

Some of the benefits to gain from writing for Alistapart.com are:

  • Links and free traffic to the writers’ blogs/websites


  • Links and free traffic to the numerous social channels


  • Connections to influencers


  • Free author box appearing at the bottom of every article, and many more.

Write Articles Online for Free

Importance of Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most reputable portfolio-building practice for a freelance writer. This is because some clients get in touch with writers directly through links that are generated from guest posts.

This is one way writers become more influential and earn big in the freelance writing industry. Guest posting helps writers build their portfolios online for free and also enables them to connect with high-paying clients around the world.

A lot of websites are currently accepting guest post writers who have the writing skills to deliver impressive blog posts. These platforms do give writing opportunities but also pass across instructions or guidelines for the writers to follow.

The following sites offer free guest posting opportunities to freelance writers:

Leaf Science

Leafscience.org is a site that offers free guest posting opportunities to passionate writers from any location in the world. This platform welcomes volunteers who are interested in joining their writing team and they can start submitting articles on science and rejuvenation biotechnology

The platform may decide to re-write posts submitted by a writer and may choose to reject articles that do not meet their requirements.

College Humor

This is one of the most popular and most visited comedy blogs in the industry today and a site that is generating hundreds of thousands of page views daily. It offers free guest posting opportunities like other sites.

The platform requires any interested writer to submit a pitch via email. Once this stage is passed, the writer can be begin creating content for the site


This is another big platform offering free guest posting jobs to talented and dedicated freelance writers. The main guideline is that the writer must be ready to share his or her goals and aspirations as well as contribute to the job of making dreams come true.

Writers get free quality back-links to their own blogs/websites in return for contributing to the site.

Other free syndication sites include: