7 Writing Jobs That Pay Over 100k

Writing can indeed be a lucrative money-making endeavor if it is practiced with a very high standard. Admittedly, there are numerous writing gigs in almost every facet of the modern economy, though lots of these pay just an average income. There are, however, some writing jobs that pay over 100k in yearly income. These highly rewarding jobs are far and few, and can only be claimed by writers whose prowess is almost unattainable.

If you’re a newbie in the writing craft and want a shot at earning six figures annually, then you’ve got a lot to do. Here are some high-paying writing jobs you can strive to get as of now:

  1. Freelance Writing

If you’re looking for the easiest means to earn $100, 000 yearly with your writing prowess then freelance writing is the best option out there. Of course, there are writers scrapping the bottom of the barrel for writing gigs, but if you take the necessary steps and follow these elaborate freelance writing tips, you can start earning six figures in no time.

Before you delve into a freelance writing career, you must learn how to improve your writing and also market yourself through various internet platforms.

  1. Medical Writing Expert

There are a few fields where the job of a writer is increasingly becoming valuable, and medicine is definitely top of the list. A medical writing expert is tasked with crafting high-quality content like research papers, medical journals, medical articles, and medical non-fiction books.

To be able to find a writing job in the medical field, you need to have the expertise. So it may not be the cup of tea for most writers. If you do, however, fit these criteria perfectly, you are set to start earning 100k per year.

  1. Fiction Writer/Author

If your writing skills teeter towards the creative writing side, then a lucrative option for you is to become a book author. This is, of course, no easy feat and it requires constant practice. Successful book authors, however, do consistently rake in over $100, 000 dollars per year from book sales and royalties.

The chances of a writer becoming successful in the fiction writing field have also greatly increased thanks to the popularity of the self-publishing route. You do not have to wait for a publishing firm to give you a book deal; you can just self-publish and market the book on the popular book retail platform, Amazon.

Writing Jobs That Pay Over 100k

  1. Scriptwriters

Yep, this writing gig can be very lucrative if you have the chops for it and the connections. With Hollywood continuously releasing movies after movies, there is ample opportunity for new scriptwriters to get discovered and sell their scripts.

Despite what you’ve probably been told, Hollywood still buys speculative scripts as long as they can be produced to achieve both cinematic and financial goals. You must master the script writing craft though and also find an agent that will help you sell your script.

  1. Brand Copywriters

There are copywriters who are just your average freelancer that get paid after completing each writing gig. These guys can earn 5 figures comfortably without any interruption. If you, however, want to be at the top of the food chain in copy-writing, then you have to be a brand copywriter who is signed to write a variety of content for different top brands.

This job guarantees an annual income of over $100, 000 and some even go on to earn seven figures. You, however, have to prove that you’re a creative genius in the copy-writing field to stand a chance of catching the attention of any huge brand.

  1. Technical Writer at a Data Center

This is definitely not for everybody as it requires having certain supplementary skills that most freelance writers simply don’t have. The job of a technical writer at a data center entails the writing of procedures and conceptual overviews, the writing and examining of programming codes, and updating FAQs and queries in the data center.

If you’ve all the expertise needed to carry out these tasks, then you’re on your way to earning over 100k per annum. You can search for job openings in this field on various online job boards.

  1. Digital Marketing Expert

It is not impossible for you as a writer to incorporate digital marketing skills into your dossier. This can open even bigger doors for you and give you the opportunity to secure a job as a digital marketing expert.

Gradually, traditional marketing mediums are going into extinction, and are being replaced by a more efficient digital medium. If you’ve succeeded in mastering the use of all digital mediums for marketing purposes, then this field provides an opportunity for you to earn over $100,000 per year.

Competition for jobs in the digital marketing field is, however, on an increase so it will be smart of you to immediately cement your place in the field and carve a niche for yourself before more experts join.